Sexual abuse can affect children in all kind of ways. Help us make sure more abused children get the support they need.

We work directly with children and families across the country. Services like Letting the Future In help get lives back on track. And our helpline is there 24/7 for anyone worried about a child.

But right now, thousands of children like Maisie are still waiting to get the support they desperately need to rebuild their lives. Please help us to be there for more children - because your donation really can turn a child's life around.

Maisie's story

Maisie case study imageAged just 4 and a half, Maisie’s world fell apart when she was abused by someone she should have been able to trust. 

Maisie used to be a happy, friendly and chatty little girl who had lots of friends. And like most children, she lived in a world of hope and endless possibilities. Abuse took that away.

Maisie was sexually abused by an adult who worked at her school – someone she should have been able to trust.

She didn’t understand that what was happening to her was wrong. She didn’t have the words to tell anyone; instead, Maisie started acting up at school. She couldn’t concentrate and she’d growl and stamp her feet at her teachers.

It was only when her mum noticed marks on Maisie months later, that the abuse came to light. Maisie could finally get the help she needed through our Letting the Future In service, which helps children who have been sexually abused to recover.

Letting the Future In

Sexual abuse can affect young people in all kinds of ways. It can ruin lives. Letting the Future In helps children who have been sexually abused.

We see boys and girls aged 4 to 17 in our special play therapy rooms. They do things like messy play, writing, storytelling and art to help express feelings that they can’t put into words. Over time the children begin to open up about their feelings.

But right now, thousands of children like Maisie are still waiting to get the support they desperately need to rebuild their lives.

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During 2017/18 we spent over £93 million on services and activities to make children and young people safer. This includes working with children and families, our helplines, our schools service and our child protection and awareness campaigns such as PANTS.


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