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Donate clothes, printer cartridges & more

Raise money for us by using one of our recycling schemes

Donating your old printer cartridges and unwanted items is a simple, green way to help children

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Take part in one of our recycling schemes and we can turn your old tech, cars and clothes into cash.

Donating your unwanted goods has the power to do amazing things. It could answer a call to Childline, send a trained volunteer into a classroom to talk to children about abuse or provide much needed support to a family at one of our direct services.

We’ve been notified by Clothes Aid of fraudulent collection activity relating to NSPCC branded charity bags. We can confirm that as of 23rd March all bag drops and collections by on behalf of NSPCC ceased in line with guidance issued by the Fundraising Regulator and government guidelines on social distancing. If you come across these bags, please do not use and report it to the police.


Recycle your inkjet cartridges

Do you have empty inkjet cartridges that you could recycle?  The Recycling Factory will make a donation for each eligible cartridge that you recycle for the NSPCC.

Disposing of your old ink cartridges this way is not only environmentally friendly, but also helps us to raise vital funds. Download a freepost label from the site and to check if your cartridge is eligible for recycling.

Interested in recycling in large volumes?


Happy recycling!

Donate your car

Red carRecycle your car free of charge with Giveacar. For every vehicle donated, we receive 70 per cent of the final scrap or auction price.

Donating your old car is easy. To sign up today:

How your donation will make a difference

Having the newest smartphone is great, but any phone has the potential to save a life.

"I'm not feeling good at all. I'm being bullied at school, they are slapping and kicking me. I'm on my own at the moment and I want to kill myself."
A Childline caller

Calls to Childline from children experiencing suicidal feeling are increasing. We need to make sure that our volunteers are always there to listen. Your old mobile phone could help us answer more calls.