Fighting for childhood in Northern Ireland How we're standing up for children

Illustration of a map of Northern IrelandWe're making life better for children in Northern Ireland by influencing public policy, legislation and practice through our local evidence-based research and services.

We have well-established relationships working with the NI Assembly, government departments and colleagues in statutory and voluntary agencies to ensure that children can be protected and abuse prevented.

Our 3 service centres offer a range of services for children and families and we're leading the way with our Young Witness Service and our innovative Keeping Safe pilot. Through evaluating our services and conducting research we're committed to finding out what's working and – more importantly – what isn't, and what we can do about it.

Northern Ireland consultation responses

Our policy team in Northern Ireland respond to government consultations and write briefings to influence the development of policies and laws that affect children and young people. Below are the most recent government consultations we've responded to.

Services for children and families in Northern Ireland

Boy leaning on a climbing frameWe have service centres across the United Kingdom which offer a combination of services to children, families and professionals. We support parents and families in caring for their children and provide therapeutic assistance to help children move on from abuse.

We also provide help and support through the NSPCC helpline, Childline and our work with schools.