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Give a voice to children when no one is listening. Become a campaigner and help us demand that all children are worth fighting for.

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Abuse can affect a child's whole life. But in just 2 minutes,
you can help change this.

We can work together to make sure every childhood is free from abuse. From national campaigns to supporting children in your local area, join over 30,000 campaigners across the UK and help give a voice to children.

Campaign with us

Birgit, NSPCC Campaigner

"As a society we have a duty to protect all children and to show - as a community - that we care about them."

Tina, NSPCC Campaigner

"It's time our country started to support our own vulnerable children. These children are our future - workforce, doctors, nurses ..."

John, NSPCC Campaigner

" It is everybody’s business to make sure children are safe and given the right support."

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