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We want to make 5 million children safer by 2021

"Our responsibility is not just to children, but to all children. Knowing that there’s something we can do to prevent child abuse, how will we explain that we had the chance to change the future - and didn’t?"
John Cleese / NSPCC supporter

Too many children are still being abused - emotionally, physically, sexually and online. But it doesn't have to be like this. We're determined to keep building a powerful movement to protect every child from abuse and neglect

Over the next 5 years, we'll work harder than ever to make sure we achieve even more. We want to make 5 million children safer by 2021.

To make this happen, we're investing in innovative services and solutions. We'll also be working with organisations and policy makers across the country, sharing our knowledge so that what we learn benefits children way beyond what we can achieve on our own.

Prevent child abuse in families facing adversity

Over the next 5 years we'll:

    • build on services that we know work, such as Coping with Crying and Baby Steps
    • develop new services to intervene early and support families facing these problems
    • develop and launch Together for Childhood for families who are struggling where we'll work with local partners, run local campaigns and offer training
    • ensure more families and children can access the services we know help.

Domestic abuse, substance misuse and mental health problems are some of the most significant risks which can lead to child abuse and neglect. But we know that, even when families are going through incredibly difficult times, with the right help, children can thrive.

"The NSPCC came to speak to me and Dad. They told me about a local group called FEDUP where I could speak to other young people who were going through something similar to me."

Prevent child sexual abuse

boy and mother readingOver the next 5 years we'll:

Watch: Parents' Underwear Rule tips and advice

"The Underwear Rule's really easy to use. It's fun, engaging, and could help to keep your child safe"
Parent who talked PANTS

"I want all parents to know about PANTS. Let's get the word out!"

Read Carol's story about talking PANTS

Help children speak and adults take action about abuse

Over the next 5 years we'll:

    • make sure our Speak out Stay safe programme reaches more primary school children in the UK
    • offer a place for children to talk, be heard and think about what help they might need and how to get it with our Childline service
    • offer adults help and advice on how to take action for children through our NSPCC helpline so adults can help keep children safe.

We aim to reach every primary school in the UK

Explanation: We're expanding our Speak out Stay safe programme with the aim of reaching every primary school in the UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

We know that children are attempting to disclose abuse, but they're often not 'heard', so it's not acted upon. Sometimes children themselves don't even recognise that what's happening to them is abuse or know who they could turn to for help.

This needs to change. It's vital we help children and adults spot, understand and speak out about abuse – and support adults to take action to protect children.

Help children who've experienced abuse get back on track

Over the next 5 years we'll:

    • continue to run our It's Time campaign - demanding that children who have been abused have the support they need to turn their life around
    • invest in world-class research to understand and show what works in helping children get back on track
    • continue to provide therapeutic services like Letting the Future In, helping children who've been sexually abused to recover

"The NSPCC was the first organisation that took a combined approach to dealing with Melissa’s* sexual abuse. It’s exactly what we needed."
Evelyn* / Melissa's grandmother

Abuse and neglect can derail a child's development, affecting everything from their physical growth to their emotional development. Without help and support, the damage can last long into adult life. The good news is we know that providing support works.

Make children safe from abuse online

Over the next 5 years we'll:

    • lobby for technology companies and government to put effective controls in place for child online safety
    • run public education campaigns, like Share Aware, to help people understand the internet and keep children safe online
    • find ways to deter people from viewing child abuse images, including funding research to find the best deterrents.

Children and young people spend a lot of time online – it can be a great way for them to socialise, explore and have fun. But children do also face risks like cyberbullying or seeing content that's inappropriate.

The scale of these challenges is fast-moving, so we need to do more to help keep children safe online.

Together for the 5 million

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