Sioned's story

Sioned had a chaotic home life and looked after her mother who had depression. Growing up she struggled with her mental health and tried to commit suicide. Childline helped her to feel someone cared.

 It was hard to pretend everything was ok

"My home life was always chaotic. My parents argued a lot and when I was 13 they split up and my dad moved out. My mum got really depressed and spent a lot of time in bed.

My brother and I had to look after her a lot and try to encourage her to get up and wash herself. We also had to clean the house.

I was trying to function as a normal teenager but it was hard to pretend that everything was okay and I often had outbursts at school. We were just not functioning as a family.

"One time when I was at home alone, I took an overdose. I'd heard about Childline so I called them and told them what I'd done. They rang an amulance for me and it saved my life."

I was moved to a psychiatric unit over 100 miles from home. It was strange and new and I was scared. I felt really lonely so I often called Childline for someone to talk to.

The unit wasn't secure and I ran away a couple of times. Each time I went near to a railway line and wanted to commit suicide but I would call Childline and they would calm me down and ring the unit, who would send the police to come pick me up."

I cannot praise Childline enough: they saved my life so many times

"The first time I called them I spoke to a counsellor called Amy who was really good with me and really patient. I must have been on the phone for about 3 hours talking about everything that was upsetting me. My life was still really chaotic but she really listened and made me feel comforted.

I used to ring them twice a week, sometimes more if things were really bad. I also wrote to them and found it really cathartic getting it all down on paper. They wrote back and I kept and treasured those letters, re-reading them again and again.Teenage girl sitting in cafe on phone

I moved into care when I was 14 and it was a difficult time but knowing I had Childline at the end of the phone still got me through it. I called them on Christmas Day when I was in foster care.

"I often think about the time Childline gave to me and the journey they went on with me. If I hadn't had them to turn to then I would have maybe killed myself or gone down the wrong route in life."

If any young people are going through a rough time at home or feeling depressed or suicidal, I would encourage them not to be afraid and contact Childline. It's better to get it out than keep it in and they'll be there to listen to you and help you no matter what and not judge you."

About Childline

Talking to Childline can be the first time a child feels listened to. Young people can get help and support with any issue they're going through, no matter how big or small.

Our trained Childline counsellors are there for young people 24 hours a day, every day of the year, online or over the phone. A child contacts Childline every 25 seconds and, right now, we can only respond to 3 out of every 4 children who need our help.