Our services

Find out how we work directly with children, families and professionals to protect children and prevent abuse.

Our services help children who’ve been abused, protect children at risk and find the best ways to prevent child abuse from ever happening.

As part of our fight for every childhood, we work directly with children and families in our service centres across the UK and Channel Islands and give support to thousands of adults and young people in need through the NSPCC helpline and Childline.

We work with schools up and down the country through our Speak Out Stay Safe programme, helping children to keep themselves safe.

And our projects such as Together for Childhood help children who’ve experienced abuse, support parents, and work to transform the way communities come together to prevent child cruelty.

Websites supporting vulnerable people, including NSPCC.org.uk, will now be free of charge during the pandemic. This means using these websites to access support and advice will not use your phone data.

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Names and identifying features have been changed to protect identity. Photographs have been posed by models.